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VA Remodeling Services for Disabled Vets

If you're a disabled vet, who wants to have your home redesigned to fit your needs, choose PZG Remodeling. We are an American with Disability Act (ADA) compliant remodeler. Our contractors are always prepared to tackle a project for you, so contact us today!

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Making Homes Disabled Friendly

We are happy to help vets who need disability remodeling services. In TX, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs puts aside $85K for 100% disabled vets to use to renovate their homes. Let us handle your project once you've qualified for funding.

Before we start your VA remodeling job, we first come out to your property to see what needs to be addressed. We will also help you find out what adaptions the VA would like you to have completed as well. If we find an easier way to make a change to your home, we'll send an amendment to the VA on your behalf. We'll then provide an estimate for the work.

Once the plans are approved, we begin your project. From installing ramps to creating concrete structures, we do everything that is required to make your home more functional for you. We even review all of our work to ensure it complies with the ADA.

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) & Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Home Modification for the disabled

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